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Metagenics Fitness Equipment

Since 1989 Metagenics Fitness Inc. has been selling, servicing and installing great quality fitness equipment. The Company started operations in Argentina and Uruguay and at that time, late 80’s and early 90’s, no gym had any cardio equipment and only five star hotels had very basic cardio equipment from a company called Universal Gym Equipment that went bankrupt in the mid 90’s. Eduardo Chapur, founder of Metagenics Fitness Inc. has always been interested in the technical aspect of the business so the main focus was to provide customers with the best after sale service and quick repairs for all gym equipment sold.
Fast forward to the present day, we have been in business for more than 30 years and have developed sales and services into different markets like, health clubs, recreational centres, universities, condos, hotels, residences for seniors, correctional centres, government of Canada and department of national defence. We have three OEM factories that make our cardio and strength equipment to our specification and we actively participate in design and function of every piece to be able to provide the best quality gym equipment at very affordable prices. The feedback from out customers is extremely important as that allows us to tweak the products we sell to be able to meet customers needs.Being a manufacturer has allowed us to develop special lines of fitness equipment to supply ; Correctional Centres, Paramedic and Fire Halls, Canadian Forces and also Seniors Centres.
For seniors centres, we have developed a line of auxotonic hydraulic equipment with push and pull movement, were the resistance is increased with the speed or angle of movement so every senior can exercise at their own pace in a very safe and controlled way. We have equipped seniors centres in; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
Our main focus as a company is to manufacture the best quality fitness equipment at very affordable prices and have always in stock all the critical components to be able to provide excellent customer service and repairs for the life of the fitness equipment we sell.
In 2016 we started our own line of urethane dumbbells, plates, bumper plates, bars and weightlifting platforms to fill a need in the market that demanded better quality and lower cost.
For the condo market, we offer sound dampening rubber flooring and sound proof sub floors for building where the exercise room or gym is located adjacent, above or below living units, so that the disturbing sound and vibration is reduced or eliminated.
To our line of fitness equipment we have recently added beautiful design in rubber flooring and 3 D Embosed composite decking material.
Below you will find our main categories of exercise equipment and accessories we have and we invite you to scroll the different categories in our site.

Treadmills self-propelled treadmills

Treadmills are the main cardio equipment in gyms and we offer great quality heavy duty commercial treadmills like the Metagenics Fitness X8600 treadmill , True Fitness treadmills and also self-propelled treadmills like the Speedfit. Self-propelled or curve treadmills require no power and no maintenance and give the user excellent cushioning and a similar experience as running outdoors.


Elliptical trainers were invented in 1995 and since then , they are the equipment of choice for many gyms. We offer heavy duty elliptical trainers like the Metagenics Fitness 85D that offers no impact on the joints and were the user can pedal forward or backwards. We also have the True Fitness Spectrum , which is a great commercial elliptical were the stride length can be adjusted to make it comfortable to all users regardless of how tall or short they are. There is also a new variety of elliptical trainer called the True Fitness lateral trainer , which is great , to strengthen the groin muscles.

Exercise bikes and indoor spinning bikes

When taking about bikes , there are two categories that we offer ; the electronic heavy duty commercial upright bikes and recumbent bikes like the Metagenics Fitness 85U and 85R and the indoor spin bikes for group cycling , were the crank is fixed and the wheel will create momentum to give the user great movement on the knees. Because the crank is fixed, the spin bikes can be used to pedal forward or backwards . We offer consoles on spin bikes and group cycling bikes that will measure watts, distance, speed, time , heart rate , level of resistance and much more.

Rowers, steppers and Pull Rope Machines

We offer different kind of rowers , like the water rower , concept 2 rower and magnetic resistance rowers. We also offer a stepper and our new product for 2017 is the Metagenics Fitness Pull Rope Machine , that offers the user an unbelievable upper body workout like no other. This pull rope machine has many different resistance settings to provide great core training for the upper body.