Composite Decking Material 3D Embosed

This Wood-plastic Composite (WPC) hard decking material is manufactured from combination of plastic resin, natural fibres and additives for anti-ageing and anti UV. It mixes natural fibre and plastic perfectly to keep the natural impression of wood and with rich colours of plastic.

The Composite Decking Material 3D Embosed has the following advantages compared to wood:

  • High strength , high stiffness erosion proof will last 30 years plus.
  • Does not absorb water and will not rot.Mold resistant.
  • Does not split, warp or splinter.
  • Dimension stability against moisture and temperature with UV resistant additives will not fade.
  • Does not need any maintenance like painting or sanding and will last 30 plus years.
  • Environmentally friendly that can be recycled 100%.
  • Easy to install using plastic clips to hold boards instead of perforating the material like conventional wood deck.
  • Elegant nature wood grain texture and touch that looks like wood with four great colours to choose from.

    How the boards are held by plastic clips that are hidden between the boards, avoiding having to perforate the material as it happens with conventional wood decking.