Why Self-propelled treadmills should have resistance

For two and a half years I have tried very many self-propelled treadmills and can say that they are not all the same. Some of the self-propelled treadmills are very bad but others are decent. Talking only about the decent ones , they all have the same issue ; they are excellent for running or jogging but not that great for walking slowly , let me explain ; When a user wants to walk slowly , the belt , as it sits on top of many bearings , it will tend to jerk a bit depending on your body weight , and , when walking slow , is very difficult to control and have constant speed , but , if you add magnetic resistance , that will change things for every user. My conclusion on the subject is that is vital to have resistance in a self-propelled treadmill to make it more comfortable for users that want to walk slowly. Resistance will also enable users to use the self-propelled treadmill as a SLED in Crossfit studios.

The 3D Smith Machine makes the conventional Smith machine obsolete

The statement above is true , the 3 D Smith machine makes the conventional Smith Machine obsolete by adding backwards and forward movement to the olympic bar . When we exercise in a conventional Smith Machine the bar only moves up and down in straight line but when we squat for example , we don’t move in straight line so using a conventional Smith Machine is very limited , same if we want to bench press. The 3D Smith machine gives you the functionality of backwards and forward movement and that is vital for many exercises that can be done in the 3 D Smith machine. Putting a multi purpose bench will allow the user to bench press , shoulder press , etc . The 3D Smith machine comes with safety bars so squats can be done in a very safe manner . The 3 D Smith machine comes with band pegs for dynamic exercises and also have pronated and neutral chin bars. In summary the 3D Smith machine is a very versatile , user friendly functional training piece that all gyms should have.

New 3D Smith Machine / Power Rack combo

Metagenics Fitness Inc. is introducing the most exiting piece of functional training up to date. We , at Metagenics Fitness think that the conventional Smith machine is just obsolete because the bar only moves up and down in a straight line but we all know that squats or chest press or military press do not move in a straight line so the conventional Smith Machine is useless in our opinion and that is why about two years ago we came up with the 3D Smith Machine where the bar not only moves up and down but also backwards and forward allowing the user to have kinda of a “free olympic bar ” that has all the safety and versatility to perform multiple exercises like ; squats , lounges , chest press , shoulder press and much more. We understand that many users still want the Power Rack feel to their squat exercise so we have combined the 3D Smith Machine with a Power rack that takes exercise to a whole new level and adds a ton of versatility. Inside the cage you will experience the safety and quick lock of Olympic bar and users will be able to exercise multiple muscles in a very controlled and safety environment provided by the 3D Smith machine portion which has quick locking of the bar and safety bars. This side of the machine can attach a multi purpose bench that locks in and moves in different angles but also back and forward to allow multiple exercises , also a deadlift platform can be attached to the 3D Smith machine / Power Rack combo. On the outside , the user has the J hooks and the safety bars like in a conventional Power Rack so users that are used to hard core power racks do not loose that function and gyms are able to provide the safety of a 3D Smith machine also combining a Power Rack.

New Crossfit Rigs , Racks , Boxing , MMA and many accessories .

Metagenics Fitness Inc. is introducing a new line of strength equipment that features many Crossfit Rigs , Power Racks , Squat racks , 3 D Smith Machines , Wall Rigs , Boxing bag racks , Functional Boxing rings , Suspension training racks , accessory holders and much more . This new section in our website has a ton of gear that will be interesting to Crossfit gyms , Physio Clinics , MMA training , Boxing clubs and gyms in general.
The PDF brochure is here : Press Brochure

Crossfit Empower from Vancouver adopts the Freedom Step pro subfloor to make a huge weightlifting platform

Metagenics Fitness Inc. has installed the Freedom Step pro subfloor at Crossfit Empower to be used as a gigantic weightlifting platform by several members at a time. The Freedom step pro subfloor is finished with a new interlocking brick colour floor and the general gym area is finished with an interlocking rubber black and grey fleck floor. A sled track is also done in green in the middle of the gym floor.

The new spectacular S7 magnetic spin bike is in Canada now brought exclusively by Metagenics Fitness Inc.

We are glad to introduce the best spin bike in the market today that features a rear wheel , magnetic resistance and powerful console that measures ; watts, calories , speed, distance , RPM ,heart rate and much more. Speed and distance can be set in miles or km and the novelty is that workouts can be saved for future reference. For serious bikers , the S7 Spin bike would be a wonderful addition to exercise in out winter months. This indoor bike spinning magnetic bike comes with a bottle and phone holder.
More information and a video can be found in the following link https://metagenics.ca/featured_item/metagenics-fitness-s7-spin-bike/

Voda condo by Concert Properties adopts the Self-propelled treadmill for their condo gym

Concert Properties has chosen to go green with some of the new gym equipment provided by Metagenics Fitness Inc for the new condo Voda in Vancouver , South Creek area. Speedfit , the new self-propelled treadmill is at Voda now for owners of the new condo to use. They also feature our new great line of selectorized combo gym equipment , commercial cardio fitness equipment , free weights and a Metagenics Fitness Spin bike.

Pro Fitness Gym in Cranbrook upgraded most of the fitness equipment and added two Speedfit self-propelled treadmills

Pro Fitness Gym in Cranbrook just upgraded most of the equipment and added 2 self-propelled treadmills Speedfit and a 3 D Smith Machine among other several pieces of equipment . The gym users were very exited yesterday when trying out the Metagenics Fitness 3 D Smith machine and the Self-propelled , motionless treadmills Speedfit . The fire chief from Cranbrook was eager to try the Speedfit treadmills too.

The New Self-propelled treadmills Speedfit are featured in Winnipeg ; Cindy Klassen Rec Complex and St.James Assiniboia Centennial Pool

Starting this week of May 9,2017 ,the self-propelled treadmills Speedfit will be featured at the Cindy Klassen Recreational Complex and St.James Assiniboia Centennial Pool in Winnipeg , Manitoba for patrons to enjoy. The City of Winnipeg is one of the first Cities in Canada that has chosen the Speedfit self-propelled treadmill supplied by Metagenics Fitness. In my opinion , says ” Eduardo Chapur ” , president of Metagenics Fitness Inc. this self-propelled treadmill has it all for users and owners as it is 100% green , does not require power or maintenance , enables municipalities to buy a piece of equipment where they know the full cost of ownership as there are no parts or belts that have to be replaced , and the users get a spectacular piece of equipment , that , if you are a runner you will love compared to conventional belt and deck electric treadmills. The cushioning that you get in the self-propelled treadmill is simply un precedented and also users burn 30-40% more calories as they are really running and not getting their feet dragged. The muscle activation in the Speedfit is spectacular and cannot be compared to an electric treadmill.