New 3D Smith Machine / Power Rack combo

Metagenics Fitness Inc. is introducing the most exiting piece of functional training up to date. We , at Metagenics Fitness think that the conventional Smith machine is just obsolete because the bar only moves up and down in a straight line but we all know that squats or chest press or military press do not move in a straight line so the conventional Smith Machine is useless in our opinion and that is why about two years ago we came up with the 3D Smith Machine where the bar not only moves up and down but also backwards and forward allowing the user to have kinda of a “free olympic bar ” that has all the safety and versatility to perform multiple exercises like ; squats , lounges , chest press , shoulder press and much more. We understand that many users still want the Power Rack feel to their squat exercise so we have combined the 3D Smith Machine with a Power rack that takes exercise to a whole new level and adds a ton of versatility. Inside the cage you will experience the safety and quick lock of Olympic bar and users will be able to exercise multiple muscles in a very controlled and safety environment provided by the 3D Smith machine portion which has quick locking of the bar and safety bars. This side of the machine can attach a multi purpose bench that locks in and moves in different angles but also back and forward to allow multiple exercises , also a deadlift platform can be attached to the 3D Smith machine / Power Rack combo. On the outside , the user has the J hooks and the safety bars like in a conventional Power Rack so users that are used to hard core power racks do not loose that function and gyms are able to provide the safety of a 3D Smith machine also combining a Power Rack.

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