Pro Fitness Gym in Cranbrook upgraded most of the fitness equipment and added two Speedfit self-propelled treadmills

Pro Fitness Gym in Cranbrook just upgraded most of the equipment and added 2 self-propelled treadmills Speedfit and a 3 D Smith Machine among other several pieces of equipment . The gym users were very exited yesterday when trying out the Metagenics Fitness 3 D Smith machine and the Self-propelled , motionless treadmills Speedfit . The fire chief from Cranbrook was eager to try the Speedfit treadmills too.

The New Self-propelled treadmills Speedfit are featured in Winnipeg ; Cindy Klassen Rec Complex and St.James Assiniboia Centennial Pool

Starting this week of May 9,2017 ,the self-propelled treadmills Speedfit will be featured at the Cindy Klassen Recreational Complex and St.James Assiniboia Centennial Pool in Winnipeg , Manitoba for patrons to enjoy. The City of Winnipeg is one of the first Cities in Canada that has chosen the Speedfit self-propelled treadmill supplied by Metagenics Fitness. In my opinion , says ” Eduardo Chapur ” , president of Metagenics Fitness Inc. this self-propelled treadmill has it all for users and owners as it is 100% green , does not require power or maintenance , enables municipalities to buy a piece of equipment where they know the full cost of ownership as there are no parts or belts that have to be replaced , and the users get a spectacular piece of equipment , that , if you are a runner you will love compared to conventional belt and deck electric treadmills. The cushioning that you get in the self-propelled treadmill is simply un precedented and also users burn 30-40% more calories as they are really running and not getting their feet dragged. The muscle activation in the Speedfit is spectacular and cannot be compared to an electric treadmill.

The Wexford and Waterford in Tsawwassen now have a gym for seniors

Metagenics just equipped two gyms for seniors with auxotonic hydraulic equipment which is great for seniors because all the machines have dual push and pull exercises and all seniors can exercise at their own pace in a very safe way. The resistance in Physio Fit and Impact hydraulic equipment increases with the speed of the movement so , any senior can push for example a chest press with two fingers if the movement is slow enough , or , they can have all the resistance if they intreat the speed of the movement. We have also added a Cascade recumbent spin bike which is a great piece of equipment as users can pedal forward and backwards and don’t need to complete the whole circle is they are recovering from a knee surgery.The starting resistance is virtually zero and has also several levels of resistance. The hydraulic fitness equipment and the Spin recumbent bike are the perfect combination for seniors because not only they are able to maintain their muscle mass but also get movement and movement is what they mostly need .

Speedfit SPT-1000C Self-propelled treadmill is in Canada now

Metagenics Fitness Inc. is the authorized distributor for the Speedfit in Canada. We bring two models , SPT-1000C with console and SPT-1000 without console. We are marketing the Speedfit Canada wide and we have shipped many units to Ontario and British Columbia. We are currently DEMOING a unit in several recreation centres and military bases in Canada and offering the Speedfit to all the universities and colleges in Canada. The benefits of the Speedfit Self-propelled treadmill is that is 100% green as it uses no power and the packing is cardboard which makes it 100% recyclable but also requires no maintenance. The number one benefit for our customers is that it gives the same experience as running outdoors vs having your feet dragged by conventional electric treadmills. When it comes to feedback , many of the customers that have tried the Speedfit tell us that people that like to run and athletes, love it because it feels like running outdoors were you have to push , the treadbelt will NOT help you , the user has to do the effort. Obviously the user will get tired sooner in the Speedfit than in a conventional treadmill simply because he is doing the effort. Occasional gym users that go to the gym once a week or every two weeks will find Speedfit challenging. The Speedfit is great for interval training were you have to speed up and slow down , because you do not need a spotter to change the speed for you as you would with a conventional electric treadmill . In the Speedfit , you can speed up or slow down just by positioning the body forward or backwards in the curve. Speedfit does not have a speed limit . Another interesting feedback is that customers love the cushioning given by the rubber slats which is much better that conventional electric treadmills that have a wood deck. The other very important feature is that the belt is made by rubber slats that will give the user many years of belt life and will allow the user to use working boots or military combat boots to run or jog . The Speedfit is built like a tank and the price you pay is your full cost or cost of ownership , with conventional electric treadmills , gym owners have the electric bill to pay , cost electronics going bad , belt and deck replacements every year or two, preventive maintenance cost ,etc.

I don’t consider myself a runner but let me tell you that if you try the Speedfit , you will not go back to the electric treadmill again.