The 3D Smith Machine makes the conventional Smith machine obsolete

The statement above is true , the 3 D Smith machine makes the conventional Smith Machine obsolete by adding backwards and forward movement to the olympic bar . When we exercise in a conventional Smith Machine the bar only moves up and down in straight line but when we squat for example , we don’t move in straight line so using a conventional Smith Machine is very limited , same if we want to bench press. The 3D Smith machine gives you the functionality of backwards and forward movement and that is vital for many exercises that can be done in the 3 D Smith machine. Putting a multi purpose bench will allow the user to bench press , shoulder press , etc . The 3D Smith machine comes with safety bars so squats can be done in a very safe manner . The 3 D Smith machine comes with band pegs for dynamic exercises and also have pronated and neutral chin bars. In summary the 3D Smith machine is a very versatile , user friendly functional training piece that all gyms should have.

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