Rubber Flooring and Gym Flooring

Interlocking Rubber Floor Options Chart
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Black with White Speckles 1210                                                                   Grey 4500

Black with Grey Speckles 1250                                                                    Brick Red 4300

Special Colours

Grey/White & Black speckles 4502 Grey / White & Orange speckles 4501

Rubber Flooring

The flooring material for every gym area that has fitness equipment, cardio equipment, strength equipment and free weights, should be rubber. Metagenics Fitness Inc. supplies great quality rubber flooring, rubber tiles, interlocking or straight cut rubber flooring and gym tiles. In some rubber flooring installations when we cover an entire area going from wall to wall we use straight cut rubber tiles of 10 mm in thickness that can be black, with speckles or in full colours. These gym rubber tiles are a product that will look great and will last for a very long time. Rubber and recycled rubber are excellent materials for gyms and fitness floors. When we face difficult shape installations , we normally install rubber flooring that is thinner so it is easier to cut and we glue it down so when the exercise equipment is rolled on , it does not buckle . Rubber flooring is very easy to clean and maintain and will last for very long time as not only will take the beating of dumbbells but also traffic in the gym area. Rubber gym tiles do not slip , so that makes it a very safe flooring to use.